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How To Clean The Fridge Quick & Easy

Sometimes things like cleaning the fridge can seem overwhelming if we don’t know exactly how to tackle it. It’s actually a very simple, quick and easy task if you follow these steps.

How To Clean The Fridge Quick and Easy

If you’re a part of our project then your fridge may not need much attention at all. But for those of you looking to clean up in a jiffy here’s my refrigerator cleaning hacks that will have you actually enjoying the appliance much more.

Do this daily until your fridge isn’t cluttered anymore:

  • open the fridge often to just look in there and visualize what can be immediately tossed
  • observe the condiments and shift them to an area where they are all bundled together. these clear bins are awesome if you don’t have much space on the side door
  • ditch anything that hasn’t been used in 6 months and toss expired foods
  • organize the drinks to one area of the fridge and leave the exposed side open to quickly wipe down

Wiping Down The Fridge In A Jippy

Using a white washcloth (I use these ones because they are super awesome at grabbing anything without the fuss of microfiber cloths and wasting paper towels is not eco friendly) wet one with some warm water and dab some white vinegar on it to quickly wipe down that side of the fridge. You can move the items back accordingly.

Now in order to maintain a clutter free fridge you must be mindful each and everyday. Here’s some helpful ways to keep it from getting ‘TOO MUCH’ :

  • Only buy what you absolutely need. We’re often at the grocery store so there’s really no need to hoard anything. This just makes things overwhelming and we want to prevent that and keep it minimal
  • Use leftovers within a day or two
  • Toss things you know you’re not going to eat or use. Don’t just save for another day
  • Inspect the fridge daily and toss things one by one…a little goes a long way and forms a healthy habit of being mindful of less clutter within this space
  • Avoid buying deals (BOGO) just because it’s on sale. This saves so much money overtime and prevents the other one from going bad. Only purchase if you know you’re going to use both within a timely fashion
  • If a product is sitting in the fridge because you opened it and didn’t like it don’t save it, discard immediately

Easy Fridge Cleaning Hacks

Avoid standing there for a long period of time and also don’t pull everything out at once. That’s not going to do anything but cause more stress. Rather than unloading the entire fridge take it in sections.

  • Do one part at a time. So drawers one day and then top shelf the next, so on and so forth
  • Sometimes all you need is hot water on a cloth to wipe even the toughest of food stains
  • Or you can use a dab of Castile soap which will remove the stain pretty quickly. Simply squirt some on the stains, let sit for a moment then wipe with the hot wet cloth
  • Invest in bins for the fridge to organize and quickly clean up spills
  • Take a vacuum hose around the fridge at least weekly to prevent dust, food and debris. Also take the hose into the fridge and get those dry crumbs in the drawers, along the edges, etc.
  • Quickly wipe the exterior with warm water and a cloth or dab some white vinegar on it

It’s not a daunting task when you pay attention to this one appliance more often. Think about how great it feels to have a clean, clutter free food space for you and your family.

How do you clean your refrigerators?

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