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Organic Networking

Email Marketing


Stories, Reels

Learning how to navigate the online marketing world is crucial to your business whether you hire a manager or not. It’s relevant because you’re the owner and you want some knowledge of how to run your ever growing brand. 

Here’s what you need to thrive:

  • an updated website, preferably WP because the sky is the limit on how flexible this platform is for businesses
  • blog posts written in creative format so that potential clients can stumble upon you and become a returning customer. plus you can bring in multiple streams of income with one
  • Pinterest for business account (it’s not a social media platform but a search engine)
  • Email list
  • All social media accounts created but you only have to focus on 2 to get started. Create an X account, FB, IG, YouTube (optional but preferred)
  • Listed on Google

Blogging Like A Boss

You are going to start writing blog articles so that you can be found on Google and turn your blogging into your brand. The way this works is simple: write at least one lengthy article every week until your website is no longer at risk for spam (building a healthy relationship with Google). Then you will publish more actively throughout the week. Learn More About Blogging Here. More Coming soon…Until then read these articles

SEO and Backlinking

I’m going to help you incorporate SEO into your blog and website (WordPress is the best platform for this) and as a client of mine you will gain links to your site from mine which have been well established for years. You’re welcome. I will also share ways you can elevate your content here with Search Engine Optimization. 

Use Stories To Promote

Post Reels & Photos Weekly

Business & Blogging Must Haves

Grab my favorite must haves list to grow a business online and make more money!!

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