WordPress Set Up


Wordpress website and blog set up with key pages, blog post jumpstart and essentials to growing your online presence for your brand and business to thrive.



Setting up your new WordPress website and blog can be a little intimidating, so we’re here to jumpstart your online presence with this set up offer. We go into your WordPress account and adjust or edit anything that may need to be tweaked, add pages and/or begin your blog posts (a written example is inserted for you to edit and get ideas), make sure all the things are in place where they need to in terms of widgets, menus and such.

The WordPress Website Set Up

  • your new site gets all the plugins and jazz that needs to be added for optimal use
  • any editing to your theme will be included
  • pages will be set up
  • blog posts will be started if you wish (only one paragraph and title examples to give you ideas) see blog post writing services here if you want this option
  • editing, jumpstarting, adding all the things to make your site legit (sitemaps, privacy policy, WooCommerce, etc)

This option is for beginners who wish to get their WP blog and site up to par in terms of running a successful online business…


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Victoria DeCroce