The Uncluttered Project

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Welcome Life, Wellness & Home Lovers

Are you ready to embark on your newest journey? I love that you are here because that just means that you appreciate and value life as much as I do. And, when I say that this journey is going to reward you with your purpose and your authentic happiness, you’re going to feel on top of the world.

The Uncluttered Project is a powerful movement that allows you to create the home and life you love while learning more about yourself along the way. We don’t often realize how bad the clutter is until we start moving things around. That’s not just physical clutter either. It’s emotional and mental too.

Decluttering is just a part of our everyday routines. When we incorporate this into our lifestyle we witness tremendous breakthroughs.

The Bedroom Is My Santcuary

– Victoria DeCroce

Home is about feeling safe and cozy in your own space

Who’s Ready To Break Free From All The Clutter

The clutter appears out of no where and if we’re not mindful of what we’re constantly bringing into our lives, then it can become unbearable. Am I right mama? The Uncluttered Project is a lifestyle; nothing more, nothing less. It’s time for you to adopt it, right here and right now.

  • Discover breakthroughs that you didn’t even know could be dug up
  • The cleaning is easier and stress free
  • There’s rarely ever any laundry
  • Your vibration elevates
  • Worry fades
  • Beliefs shift and your mindset is constantly radiating positivity
  • The Universe is working with you not against you
  • Clutter is not your enemy but a reminder that it’s okay to LET GO
  • Freedom to travel, escape from debt and have more money is power
  • Tension is gone and you can breathe again
  • Inner healing begins
  • Forgiveness is your closet friend
  • Energy flows more naturally, healthy
  • Kindness comes easy

Feeling smothered, bothered, anxious, stressed out, like there’s never enough time in a day? It’s awful, I know. Been there, decluttered that. Today I am walking free from all the negativity, the elephant on my shoulders, the worries, the stress, the laundry….oh, the damn laundry! I barely ever do it anymore and when I do…I ENJOY it. My home smells clean, it’s a place of comfort, safety, wellness and healing. It’s a sanctuary that can’t be described.

The Uncluttered Project

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