welcome! are you ready to unveil your true purpose in life…

I’m Victoria, call me Vic. It’s so nice to meet you. I’m a slow living minimalist who loves digging her toes in the sand, drinking morning coffee and walking around Publix with cat hairs all over her pants.

home is my sactuary

I’ve essentially been a minimalist my entire life but the more I learn about my style and the way I like things, I find it to be much different than when I was a child.

your home should be two things:

  • a safe haven
  • and a comfortable place to move around in

If you’re feeling smothered, like life is moving too fast, you’re constantly bumping into things, stuff is all over the place, the clutter never gets under control, you’re stressed, anxious and bothered by certain things and you just don’t know where to start…..

I’ve got you lovely!

Don’t get overwhelmed.

It’s a lifestyle. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It doesn’t happen overnight but you can start the process now.

declutter your life

Decluttering isn’t just about getting rid of a few things here and there. It’s an entire lifestyle that enhances your well being. Mindset shifts. Inner + natural healing. Energy starts to flow more positively and effectively. Wealth is discovered along with self love, respect, passion, freedom, and authentic happiness.

What if I told you that cleaning doesn’t have to be daunting or exhausting. What if I told you that laundry isn’t a huge task any longer, the space you live in is actually cozy and relaxing rather than stressed and unblessed.

ditch the tox, the clutter and the extra weight upon your shoulders

remember that decluttering and transformations take time to adapt to. the more you embrace your new lifestyle, the more you become accustom to it. many times you will see people emptying their entire closets, cabinets and drawers to start decluttering. and while that may work for some, I don’t recommend. the reason is because it can become very overwhelming and we want to avoid this. we want to enjoy the process, so rather than pulling everything out, stand there and observe. look at what you’ve got going on in there. study the area that needs work before tackling the project. this typically leads to a successful outcome and helps you understand the entire process of this movement.

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mind, life + home declutter

girl on swing facing out to the ocean watching sunset

When you start decluttering your home; your mind and life automatically start reaping the benefits. It’s not only a natural way to destress but it’s been a proven method for enhancing your overall well being. Does it take time, certainly.

The Time Is Now

There’s no better time than now. It’s essential to your well being and because you love yourself so damn much….you’re going to start this process today! You deserve the sanity. You deserve to live again. Let’s do this. I’m so in.

my philosophy- clearing the clutter to make room for new exciting things that I trust to be worthy to my existence without knowing exactly what those things may be!

Victoria DeCroce

The Uncluttered Project is all about taking back your life, finding your true purpose in life and enjoying it happily.

During this time you’re going to learn that:

  • you actually like the control you’ve been given
  • you didn’t need it anyway
  • you don’t miss the old things
  • decluttering isn’t about living with less, it’s actually about gaining more
  • it’s easier than you thought to let go of things that don’t matter
  • creating routines is healthy and provide sanity to you and your family
  • clutter arises out of no where and it’s important to remain mindful
  • it’s a lifestyle, nothing more…nothing less
  • decluttering is a natural way to heal (stress, anxiety and even certain ailments)
  • going minimal is NOT boring but creative and unique
  • you don’t have to lose your style during the process

There’s so much to decluttering your entire life that it’s impossible for me to include it all here on this page. That’s why it’s important to join the project and do whatever you can daily to adopt this lifestyle. REWARDING IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. Just wait and see!