Get Ready To Declutter Your Entire Life

declutter your entire life

Freedom is a genuine feeling of peace and nurture that comes from a life, mind and home declutter. If you’re tired of the exhaustion from the pile up, messy kitchen countertops and endless dirty dishes, the key is all about how you play the decluttering game!

You Deserve This Beautiful

It is my mission to share the passion that I have overcoming some of the darkest days to live out my true purpose. In 2017, I went completely no tox as a semi dedicated minimalist who discovered what authentic happiness truly was. As I decluttered all of my belongings I realized that there was more to life than a collection of jeans I’d never fit into again, a bunch of mugs that I never use because my favorite one will always be my go to, and the vintage books that I once admired looking at.

What I loved about becoming more and more minimal wasn’t the fact that I was living with less, it was unveiling what was hidden so far beneath the surface. The first part of the process for me, was forgiving. I had to forgive myself for the mistakes I had made throughout my life and be open to an invisible forgiveness to those who hurt me.

A Life Less Cluttered & More Meaningful

I founded ‘The Uncluttered Projectto inspire those who wanted to begin their journey discovering who they really wanted to be but maybe didn’t know where to start and learn how to love ourselves more throughout the process. You see, decluttering physical items was never about living with less. It’s about freeing yourself from the things we cannot see.

Are You Ready To Break Free

The time to let go is here and now. Don’t worry about where any of this is going or how it will all pan out. Just begin. Your journey is crucial to your well being and I can only attest that this style of living works to become the woman you deserve to be.

  • Natural Healing
  • Healthy Living
  • Ease of Letting go
  • Self Love Like a Warrior
  • Calmness, Kindness and Compassion
  • Less Cleaning, More Living
  • No more stress, anxiety or worry
  • Fearless
  • Confident
  • Mental Clarity
  • Manifesting Like A BOSS
  • Learning the Art of Slow Living
  • Better Relationships
  • Embracing who you are
  • Forgiving and Understanding
  • Cozy spaces
  • More energy to do the things you love
  • Prioritizing your beliefs
  • Discovering style
  • Self Care Routines
  • Ditch the tox (including people places and things) for GOOD
  • Authentic happiness

Authentic Happiness + Freedom Awaits

Meet Victoria

I’m a former house cleaner who ditched the tox, the clutter and back breaking scrubbing to live a stress free lifestyle that provided me financial gain, mental clarity and real happiness. Decluttering is just a part of who I am. We often don’t realize how much we accumulate and even the toughest minimalists can get out of control. It’s regaining our sanity that’s key. It’s essential to our well beings and I’m so glad you’re here, showing up.

Nice to see you here!

Clutter isn’t just about the pile up on the floor…It’s anything that invades our mental, emotional and physical well being, including people.

Victoria D.

Become A Part Of Something Bigger

If you’re someone who needs space to get through the struggle of all the physical, emotional and mental clutter it’s time to take the first step in your lifelong journey to overall wellness in the home, mind and body!

The Uncluttered Project is a commitment to improving your overall well being through minimalism, no tox & stress free cleaning, slow living, mindset shifts, inner natural healing and positive energy. We focus on getting rid of the physical clutter over time, not in just one session…it’s a lifestyle that you create and you discover everything there is to love about you in the midst.

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