3 Healthy Ways To Lose Belly Bloat Fast

Healthy Ways To Lose Belly Bloat

Some of you may know that I had my gallbladder removed nearly 6 years ago and ever since my belly bloat has been really uncomfortable. Here’s some healthy ways to lose the belly bloat fast because I’ve been learning more about my body since we last discussed this. What I’ve been doing has made a huge difference. Not only in how I look, but how I feel.

Lose Belly Bloat Fast

My water drinking method is a proven, healthy way to lose the hardness that belly bloating causes. I never realized how much I was eating in comparison to how much I was drinking. The ratio was incredibly off. Not balancing my water intake took a toll on my body and I cannot even tell you how bad it was. Okay, let me sum it all up.

The fatigue, slug, soreness, cloudy brain, and oh, the fat, hard belly was all because I wasn’t drinking enough water. So not healthy, I know. What I thought was that this was how my body was going to be after the surgery. I thought that since I had no gallbladder that my body was just improperly functioning and I had to live with that. I also thought because I reached 40 and was experiencing perimenopause that this was just how aging felt.

Wrong. So wrong.

Figuring Out Your Body After 40

For over two years I accepted that this was my aging process and to be truthfully honest, something just didn’t sit well with that. In my gut I felt off but thought for sure that I could fix the ailment. I began doing everything I possibly could, from Google searches to changes in my diet, to then learning how to drink! Dehydration was talking to me. Like, hello mama…where’s the damn water!? If you get productive during the day and forget to drink enough water, you’re not alone. I was drinking. But, I was drinking all the wrong beverages like coffee and well, you know…coffee.

Listen to your body…it’s speaking to you!

The lack of water intake was really slowing me down. It made me feel like crap all day long. So I sat and I thought really hard about what my intake was. What was I missing? Water. I was neglecting to drink water. Creatively I had to figure out how to incorporate this one thing back into my life.

But that’s not it.

I suffered from food allergies without knowing it as well.

Test after test and voila. The last tests the doctor ran on me was something that changed how I eat forever. No more gluten. Soy. Sesame. Nuts. I’m allergic to it all. I have no idea what triggered these allergies but boy did my gut suffer for too long.

Natural Ways To Lose The Fat

After doing my water experiment, I thought there was no way that I could possibly get the intake my body was craving. I went to Whole Foods and stood in front of their nutrition aisles just going through all the vitamins to learn more about them. Most of the labels on these brands say exactly what the pills are for. One hour into my search and I stumbled across the probiotics section and voila. Duh, I need to start taking probiotics again. My right kidney starting wreaking havoc. Yes, all due to the lack of drinking aqua.

  • Drink plenty of water. I have trouble drinking plain water so essentially I have to make it fun to drink. Adding lemons, cucumbers, limes, or sparkling water is my go to.
  • Take Probiotics. It never dawned on me that I wasn’t getting enough good bacteria to support my digestive track. When you lose your gallbladder you have to think about all the reasons it was there to begin with. Study your body and know the importance of each organ. I wish during my screaming at the hospital I had listened to the doctor and went with the other options rather than removing it.
  • Eat Healthy Foods. This seems like a no brainer but when you cut the toxic foods out of your diet, the belly bloat disappears. It truly does. I was eating meat and thought it was that but it was the buns. My body just cannot digest gluten. Get a food allergy test asap if you think you may have celiacs.

Naturally we know that eating healthier foods is going to help us look and feel good but it’s really hard. I have my own battles with food as many of you do. It’s a constant reminder and I think the more mindful we are, the better our lives will be.

Now, I do support indulging and not depriving ourselves from the deliciousness foods have to offer, but I do recommend a cleanse every couple of months. It’s basically where I fast for 18 hours a day. Hold on ma’am, you want me to starve? No, I want you to listen to your body and if you do not feel the need to eat until the very next evening, then try it. Normally I can go from 10 PM to 4PM the next day. That’s 18 full hours of not eating. Drink but don’t eat any solid foods.

Fast Ways To Lose The Belly

Struggling with the hardness that belly bloat gives doesn’t have to be a problem any longer. I think most times we women come to terms with body changes as we age and we feel like that’s just how it’s supposed to be rather than feeling healthy. It’s not even so much about the look of the fat tummy anymore. It’s about how it makes us feel. It doesn’t feel good.

Change the eating habits. It helps a ton. Bring in more fresh ingredients like, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and greens. Be cautious become too many raw veggies can ruin your gut.

Drink more fresh water. Try not to drink the faucet water unless you have a filter.

Take Probiotics to aid in digestion. Taking one never helped me because I have so many issues with my gut but two a day really helps. I feel so much better. It’s really improved my well being. And being gluten free.

Until next time, more focus please! – XO V

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