Homemade Milk Bath

I’m a sucker for homemade DIY’S and taking a hot milk bath at least twice a week. A milk bath is basically adding milk to your bath water. I enjoy a hot bath but if you’re sensitive, use warm water. Milk bathes can help with eczema, psoriasis, dry, bumpy skin. It’s also invigorating, relaxing and totally self care worthy. Grab a glass of red wine if you’re in the mood.

Homemade Milk Bath

This simple recipe with have you obsessed with taking a milk bath every week if you haven’t tried these already. I wish I had known a long time ago about these. You can use any milk that you’d like, powdered or liquid. I find coconut milk to be my absolute favorite.

  • Take 2 Cups Of Coconut Milk or milk of choice (oatmilk, whole milk, etc) and pour into your warm/hot bath
  • Add 1/2 Cup Of Epsom Salts, Honey, Oatmeal (Optional)
  • Enjoy

If you’re in the mood for wine and rose petals, why not? Simply turn some soft music on and relax mama! This is a time for you to rejuvenate, achieve softer skin and feel like a woman again. Milk bath trends became popular when the self care routines elevated on IG. Be sure to follow me for healthy tips and daily inspiration. I want you to feel alive and well again. It’s so hard for us women to remember to take care of ourselves. Critical in our lifelong journey to happiness.

Each week I take a bath probably more than I should but it’s the only thing that helps me wind down, release toxins, tension and makes me sleep better. Which by the way is going to be a topic I talk about quite often. Remember always stating, “I’ll sleep when I die?” It’s so silly of us to neglect this self care treatment because how else will we function in a healthy manner if we don’t get our beauty sleep?

How To Make A Milk Bath

When creating your milk bath experience I want you to gather all your ingredients, shut the door, turn some soft music on, and start making your bath.

First turn the water on to a manageable temperature. Also, be sure the tub is cleaned. It makes for a better experience. While the tub is filling up you can adjust the water to hotter because eventually the water will start to cool down. When the tub is as full as you’d like, add your room temperature milk. I whole heartedly love coconut and oat milk. Two of my faves.

You can then add the other ingredients mentioned above if you desire.

Benefits Of A Milk Bath

Not only can this skin care treatment help relax you after a long day but it can also help heal the skin on the outside. I normally suffer from rough bumpy skin on the back of my arms and upper legs. Laying in a milk bath filled with natural ingredients + the Epsom salts really makes my skin smooth. Also if you or your children suffer with Eczema, give this a try.

Nourishing your skin with a milk bath is calming to the surface and the relief it gets is amazing. Have you tried soaking in a milk bath lately? Share your thoughts.

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