3 Ways To Relieve Pain All Naturally

3 Ways To Relieve Pain All Naturally – Chronic pain can be incredibly hard to manage but there are ways to tolerate it. I’ve lived a very long time with pain. A surgeon once said that I tolerate it well. That was until he performed the surgery. The aftermath was so bad that I did need medication. We’re not talking about that kind of pain though. This is your everyday moderate to severe pain that doesn’t require medical attention. If you do, please seek a doctor immediately. These are just natural ways to help alleviate pain if you struggle like I do.

Relieve Pain All Naturally

Pain isn’t normal, but I believed it was because it was chronic. It became my ‘normalcy’. Relieving pain naturally was something that I had to focus on in order to feel good. Medication wasn’t an option. Mostly because I didn’t like taking anything but the Opioid epidemic was preventing doctors from wanting to prescribe to people that really needed it like myself. A part of me was angry at the world because here I was suffering and needed pain medicine but couldn’t get it. Another part of me was fine with it because I am a believer in natural healing.

  • Get enough sleep– a huge part of my pain derives from my busy lifestyle and not getting enough sleep. I talk about how sleeping can really promote wellness and make us feel better in order to fully function in this world positively. 7-8 hours of sleep is the minimum we should be getting per day.
  • Drink enough water– another reason why I was in so much pain was because my water intake was slim to none. Crazy how when we listen to our bodies, the results are naturally healing. Drinking almost a half a gallon of water a day is all my body needed to relieve some of the pain. Staying hydrated is key. It’s incredible how much relief you get.

Natural Pain Relief

Breathing is something that I never really paid attention to but, I realized that I wasn’t getting enough oxygen to my brain and I was depriving myself from air. To breathe properly we must be mindful of how we are breathing. To be quite honest, I have no idea how I am living if I really think about it. The build up of toxins was immense. I’m a claustrophobic person too, so this made no sense to me. Like, why wouldn’t I naturally breathe normal. Well we’re breathing but not enough.

If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.

Dr. Andrew Weil

Learning to breathe properly is easy and rewarding on so many levels. The decrease in pain is almost non existent when I do this.

  • Sit or lie calmly to prepare for your breathing session. Relax your arms and shoulders. Exhale. When you are ready take a deep breath in. Hold it for at least 3 seconds. Exhale through your nose in a calm but releasing manner and extend the breath for a few good seconds.
  • Repeat often throughout the day.

Other Ways To Heal Pain Naturally

When doing the simple things above really take into consideration how much you have to be in tune with performing them. I’m not someone who likes to drink water but when I pay attention to drinking and take the time to be more mindful about it, it helps a great deal. I used to be one of those people who always stated, “I don’t have time for that,” meaning little things in life that I should have been paying more attention to. This is all part of the natural healing process.

  1. Take more showers– another great way to relieve pain naturally is through water therapy (watch the video below). If you’re someone like me who sat in the tub just rinsing her body because she didn’t want to get her hair wet, change that! I focused more on lengthy showers turning the water from hot to cold several times to relieve my pain. It works but you have to do it often. If you can get to a pool then do that. It’s amazing.
  2. Dry brush– Before you head into the shower, dry brush your body. This drains the lymphatic system and really does make you feel better.

I personally like hot blankets. In struggling with my varicose veins, migraines and tension I have found that a heating blanket really helps me.

Another natural way to relieve my pain, stress and anxiety is to just be in the moment. No rushing, excitement that may cause overwhelm, just peacefulness. Calming has been a way of healing for me. I use lavender incense cones in my bedroom before bedtime. Lemongrass in an oil diffuser and sage to burn when I want to smudge the house clean.

In this journey of natural healing I hope you find some things that have relieved me helpful to you! Coming up we have more beauty, wellness, healthy living posts along with mindset and energy. I’m currently working on revamping the websites and per usual, always evolving. Until next time, more focus please.

How To Ease Pain Naturally

  • Meditation
  • Orgasms
  • Daily walking
  • Ice packs
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Migraine masks
  • Massages
  • Thermal/weighted blankets
  • Yoga

I know that this article says three ways to relieve pain naturally but there are so many ways, I had to come back and update this post. Here’s to all natural living friends!

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